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Even despite the fact that such a giant of console games in japan, as a ruler of the warriors games from koei, the company failed to win the sympathy of the western market, they did not despair and has created a branch in canada, the development of which will be focused mainly on the americaneuropean gamers. From magnificent cities that once house thousands of people, to broken farms and rat infested sewers, its awful sight to witness, but it should be said that fatshark has managed to make boards that are intuitive and beautiful. Hunt down the freeman started as a fan version for hunt down.

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Skirmish Line – It seems that some fixes and patches came out, but the impression was hopelessly spoiled. And let the price does not justify the status of the project for four hours of pure platonic pleasure you can give away much more money. Here the military commander grasps the cannons and organizes a cover from the infantrymen and cavalry, after which he sends a pack to the front and takes the next bite. Moving away from history to the gameplay, the game has a terrific sense of freedom. The hero will come to the aid of a successful design levels you can always go to the operational space and get around.

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