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You can take on contracts for each division, building your reputation with each to unlock exclusive rewards for your park. Its hard to say why the developers decided to tell us the story of not just one, but three characters at once. If there is not a live partner for the game, you can take a computer partner there are nine of them, and they even have unique abilities, but these helpers are scared, i already complained about it in essence. Lets hope that next year the career regime will receive no less attention than fut. This means they get to control where everyone lands and they clearly.

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Left Alive – Running skills the developers foresaw that one of the stages of your strategy may be to entice sauceda from his house, and then his running around. Lara is a capable, disarmingly confident commando. The game is designed in such a way that most aoe attacks do not hurt the allies, but there is always a chance that you will get to them. This is your capital, which pretty much affects the gameplay as a whole. The problem is that there is something to compare. Also on the battlefield, more units are displayed, and there is a completely different level of animation and working out models.

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