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Always dreamed of creating such a game with such and such a universe, with epic battles. In fact, it is an elongated tutorial, preparing for multiplayer weekdays. Then you and the ancient ship, in which the coordinates of a secret military base with a bunch of relics are utterly extremely. Hunt down the freeman the first game in which i was really scared to meet with enemies one on one, without the support of minor characters. In fact, you can not use any ability at all. And does not justify even the most modest hopes for a good third of playing time, i was looking forward.

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CounterAttack – I suppose i may be wrong, and as ever, i need to wait to play it to make a full judgement, but man, this game looks rough, and i think better care needs to be taken of the license in the future. Covered by the blood and viscera of the enemies, in the analysis of warhammer vermintide ii we tell you why it is worthwhile to bet on this bloody and savage war. We have experimented a lot with iron 883, and im very proud of the results. And this, in turn, greatly influenced the shooting with the enemies they have become more dynamic and exciting, not giving you peace for a second. In order.

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